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Atlantic Canada Class Trips

Planning Canada Class Trips? We Offers The Best Class Trips, Canada School Tours, Canada Student Trips for You.

Ready For Atlantic Canada Class Trips?

As a leading provider of student and school educational tours to Atlantic Canada, We are providing you an unique fun, and educational tour of this amazing part of Canada. Come an experience some of the friendliest people in the world, as they invite you to their spectacular area.

Four Provinces compose the area, all with their own charm.

Atlantic Canada is composed of four provinces, each rich in history, culture, and centuries of tradition. Our years of experience, will bring you to see unique aspects of the region.

Our local guides breath the air, and the region courses through their veins. Whales, icebergs, adventure, culture, fun, and food. Ah yes, the food.

We look forward to welcoming you for our Atlantic Canada class trips and showing you this magnificent place for students, schools tour, performance, groups or graduating class trips. Great Adventure Tours and our guides are there for you.

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